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29 Apr 2016

Yesterday bought NF @ 7985 and booked loss @ 7975
BankNifty Future April LTP 16726
May LTP 16785
Today BNF has resistances at 16850-16900
If crosses 16900 and stays above this level then next level is 17030
Above levels are supply zone!!! So still Don’t jump & buy!!
Today Supports are at 16700-16750
Below 16700…………16600 & 16500
Stocks in Focus: Yesbank, Lupin, Bhartiartl, Relcapital
NIFTY  FUTURE April LTP 7853.45
May series LTP 7895
Yesterday Nifty Future was cracked almost 2%
NF made a  high of 8000 and low of 7834 then closes at 7853
May series NF closes at 7895 with premium of 48 points
Yesterday as I mentioned SL 7925 n thats ultimate support, nifty crashed after that although I hadn't shorted but free fall was already known.
FII’s net buy 103 crore in Index Future and net buy 120 crore in cash segment
Today Nifty Future has resistances at 7900-7930
Above levels are very hurdle for Today’s trade!!
Sell on Rise and Don’t buy at higher level, Fresh shorts can be created at higher levels
Nifty Future above 8005 only will be bullish
Today’s Supports are 7870 & 7850
Below 7850, it will check 7805 and thereafter Free Fall is expected!!

28 Apr 2016

BankNifty Future LTP 16897
Today Banknifty Future considers resistances at 16975 & 17080
If crosses 17080 then We may see more strength!!
Today’s supports are at 16850 & 16775
what I can say is buy at declines
I expect highly volatile day ahead of expiry day!!
While updating SGX Nifty is trading at 8030 up 38 points!!
Today Nifty Future facing resistances at 8020 & 8045
If stays above 8045 and sustains above this level then will move 8080+
Today’s supports are at 7985 & 7960
Every decline is to buy (for me) with Stop of 7925 on closing basis!!

Chart 28 Apr 2016

Nifty Spot currently trading @ 7980
Trend decider & resistance level is at around 8005
If closes above 8005 for consecutive 3 Days, Then will test next resistance at 8115 & 8180
Nifty spot considers supports at 7940 & 7900
If closes below 7900 then expecting more weakness!!

27 Apr 2016

BankNifty Future LTP 17028
Today BNF has resistances at 17130 & 17200
If stays above 17200 then Will move upto 17330
Today’s Supports are at 16950 & 16870
Below 16870 it can move till 16750!!
But I prefer to buy on decline!!
On 15th Apr, I had posted chart of Indusindbk, mentioning that abv 990 it will blast
yesterday I bought @ 992 as btst and will square off today.
Yesterday Nifty Future had good movement & bounced from lower level as expected, I told you in morning itself that dont short at lower levels....
FII’s  net buy 992 crore in Index Future and net buy 512 crore in cash segment
Today Nifty Future facing resistances at 8010-8025
if breaks 8025 and stays above this level then expected more rally upto 8070
Will Show strong strength above this level
NiF if closes above 8005 for consecutive Three Days & Week also then Ultimate Target 8250+
Today’s Supports are at 7965 & 7935 levels
Decline to buy, Don’t think to short at lower levels

26 Apr 2016

BankNifty Future LTP 16689
Today BNF facing resistance at 16750-16800
If stays above 16800 then will move 16900!!
But stay caution at higher levels
Or Can do shorts at above levels
with SL of every resistance level
Today’s Supports are at 16580 & 16470
Don’t short at lower levels………….
Yesterday Nifty Future has broken strong support 7880 and made a low of 7831
Then taken U turn up-to 7890, Finally closes at 7865 !!!
Today Nifty Future consider resistance at 7880 & 7920
Above levels are very hurdle for Today’s trade!!
Can do short at above levels and upto 7950 level
Today’s Supports are at 7840 & 7820
Below 7820, We may see more selling pressure upto 7775-80
Stocks in News: HCLTECH,  GLENMARK

25 Apr 2016

BankNifty Future LTP 16727
Banknifty Future likely to witness range bound trading during the day
BNF consider Resistances at 16800 & 16900
Supports are at around 16650 & 16550
Today’s Mantra for me.... Sell on Rise and Buy at decline!!
Friday Nifty Future was traded very Range bound and low volume
NF made a high of 7941.90 and low of 7881.45……. Closed at 7911
FII’s net buy 541 crore in Index Future and net buy 191 crore in cash segment
This Week Trend Decider Levels are 7850 & 8005
Today’s Nifty Future facing resistances at 7930 & 7950
Above levels are very hurdle for Today’s trade!!……….
Selling pressure will be expected at higher levels & I suggest don’t jump and buy!!
Today’s Supports are at 7900 & 7880 and below 7880 next crucial support is at around 7850!!

Gann View 25-29 Apr 2016

Well last week Nifty found resistance exactly at the mentioned level of 7940,7972-7980. 
And Nifty made a high of 7978.45
And the best thing is that we were very well prepared for this level.
Many of my friends (positional) shorted in the zone of 7940-7980 got 110+ points as reward.
Now trail the trade with stoploss @  cost. 
Major resistance levels are 7910, 7940,7972-7980, 8070, 8144, 8160, 8250, 8336-41, 8435.
Major support levels are 7840-7820, 7777, 7747, 7715, 7670, 7504, 7590-7568.
A close below 7715  may open doors for 7560-7550 levels.
* All levels are of Spot.
27th/28th very strong pressure dates.

AFL for Open Range BreakOut

AFL for Open Range BreakOut
That works great for me !!!


/* Intraday Open Range Breakout Exploration AFL by GMS
What's the open range breakout system ?
1. it identifies the highest price and lowest price reached since open upto the Start Time,
2. Enter long when Price cross above ORBH (Open Range Breakout High) with a stop loss at ORBL(open Range Breakout Low), once in trade adjust SL as per your risk tollarence level.
3. Enter Short when Price cross below ORBL (open Range Breakout Low) with a stop loss at ORBH((Open Range Breakout High),once in trade adjust SL as per your risk tollarence level.
What is in this AFL?
1) Draws regular Candle chart
2) Set ORB Time as per param
3) Marks "ORB High" Green dotted line, "ORB Low" Red dottend line and additional Black dotted line which is middle of ORBH & ORBL on chart
4) Possible to explore, Exploration results are sorted alphabatically and shows following columns
Column 1 = Script
Column 2 = Date
Column 3 = ORBH - Open Range Breakout High value, Green means already triggered.
Column 4 = ORBL - Open Range Breakout Low value, Red Mean already triggered.
Column 5 = ORB High Breakout gain, that is maximum gain if entered long as per ORBH
Column 6 = ORB Low Breakout gain, that is maiimum gain if short as per ORBL
How to trade?
Once ORBH & ORBL are values are set as per param time, place 2 orders
 1) BUY stop loss order if price crosses above ORBH price
 2) SELL stop loss order if price crosses below ORBL price.
Please strictly trade with stop loss, ideally for long stop loss = ORBL & for short stop loss = ORBH. Please feel free to adjust stop loss based on your risk tollarence level.
_SECTION_BEGIN("Intraday ORB Exploration");
SetChartOptions( 0, chartShowArrows chartShowDates );
BT = ParamTime ("Open Breakout Time""09:15");
afterbreakout0 = Cross(TimeNum(),BT);
afterbreakout1 = TimeNum()>=BT;
NewDay = Day()!= Ref(Day(), -1);
highestoftheday = HighestSince(newday,H,1);
Lowestoftheday =LowestSince(newday,L,1);
ORBH = ValueWhen(afterbreakout0,highestoftheday,1);
ORBL = ValueWhen(afterbreakout0,lowestoftheday,1);
Plot(ORBM, ""colorBlackstyleDots);
Plot C"Close"ParamColor("Color"colorBlack ), styleNoTitle ParamStyle("Style") |GetPriceStyle() );
Filter = ORBH OR ORBL;
AddColumn( ORBH, "C>ORBH", 1.2, colorDefault, IIf(Close>ORBH, colorGreenIIf(Close>ORBM,colorSeaGreen, colorDefault)));
AddColumn( ORBL, "C<ORBL", 1.2, colorDefault, IIf(Close<ORBL, colorRedIIf(Close<ORBM,colorOrange, colorDefault)));
AddColumn( ORBHG, "ORB High Breakout Gain", 1.2, colorDefault, IIf(ORBHG>0, colorGreen, colorDefault));
AddColumn( ORBLG, "ORB Low Breakout Gain", 1.2, colorDefault, IIf (ORBLG>0, colorRed, colorDefault));

22 Apr 2016

BankNifty Future LTP 16640
Today BNF is facing Resistance at 16700-16770
Above these levels, are hurdles, If crosses these level then will show more strength!!
Today supports are at 16570 & 16500
Below 16500 there is more panic on the card!!
SBIN has strong resistance at 197-199
If stays above this level then I see more strength!!
Yesterday Nifty Future has traded very range bound & low volume
Nifty Future is to open on a flattish note
Today it is likely to witness range bound trade during the whole day (I think so)!!
Nifty Future consider resistances at 7940 & 7970
Above these levels, its hurdle for today.
Today’s Nifty Future consider supports at 7900 & 7880
Once if breaks 7880 and stays below this level then panic selling will be expected upto 7850

21 Apr 2016

BankNifty Future LTP : 16385
Today’s BNF facing Resistance at 16450 & 16530
Above 16530…………if stays for 15 minutes then will check 16650+
Today’s Supports are at 16300 & 16250
still i prefer to buy at decline!!
Today’s Nifty Future consider Resistance at 7940-7970
Once if crosses & stays above 7970 then will move 8010 level
Today’s Supports are at 7910 & 7890
Below 7890, next supports are at around 7850
Again same mantra for me, Buy at decline & Don’t short at lower levels

20 Apr 2016

BankNifty Future LTP : 16237
Banknifty future rally will be continued & facing resistance at 16350 & 16460
Consider supports at 16200-16100………(Our Buying zone)
Decline to buy!!! Nothing else!!
My Mantra was ” Buy at decline & Rally will continue “ Yes!
FII’s net buy 631 crore in Index Future and net buy 977 crore in cash segment
While updating SGX Nifty is trading at 7980
Today Nifty Future consider Resistance at 7960
Once if breaks & trade above this level then next Resistance 8010 & 8040
Today’s Supports at 7920 & 7880
Again same mantra……..If comes support level or lower level…………. Can buy and nothing else
Every support is stop of Longs!!
Don’t think of Shorts at lower levels as its risky for me.

18 Apr 2016

BankNifty Future LTP : 16332
Banknifty Future if above 16330 then rally will be expected upto 16430 & 16500
BNF consider supports at 16280 & 16220
Below 16220, next supports around 16150
Decline to buy………. with tight stop of 16100-16050
This Week Trend Decider 7730 & 7980
Today’s Nifty Future consider Resistances at 7900 & 7930
Once if breaks 7930 and stays above this level
Will move till 7980 level (Trend decider level)
Today’s Supports are at 7870 & 7840
Below 7840……….. We see panic & next support at around 7800!!

Gann View 18-22 Apr 2016

We all witnessed  full pressure on Nifty last week and we all know the  pressure dates very well in advance.
Now Nifty is approaching towards an important & strong resistance zone from 7940-7980, as Nifty is going to complete 50% of its range from 9119 - 6825.
Will Nifty be able to give a close above this zone????
This week Time is going to get squared ... Will the Price also get squared this week??
If this week Time & Price gets squared with each other then we may  witness a change in trend. 17/18th April are pressure dates.
A close above 8000 may open the higher gates for 8336-41 levels.
Major resistance levels are 7910, 7940,7972-7980, 8070, 8144, 8160, 8250, 8336-41, 8435.
Major support levels are 7805, 7777, 7671, 7589, 7515, 7460-35, 7367.

IndusInd View 15 Apr 2016

( Stock's LTP is 986.40 )
This is Indusindbank's One Year Chart
Chart is showing a strong Breakout & Resistance level at 990
Once if breaks & closes above this level then a rally will be continue upto 1020 & 1055
Consecutive for Three days if closes above 1000 then ultimate Target is 1100!!
Consider supports at 975 & 940

Nifty View 15 Apr 2016

{Nifty (Spot) last close is 7850.45 }
This is Nifty Spot Six Months Daily Chart
Chart is showing,current trend favored for Bulls & Hold longs or Every dip to Buy!!
Nifty Spot broken recent top & closes above Three month’s high
Nifty spot finding resistances at 7940, 7980 and 8100 levels………
Consider supports at 7770 & 7710……… and if comes lower level then can buy & hold
Suppose if closes below 7660………then Bears will enter!!
Trade only with levels……….


1. The 20-day moving average commonly marks the short-term trend, The 50-day moving average the intermediate trend, and the 200-day Moving average the long-term trend of the market.

2. These three settings represent natural boundaries for price Pullbacks. Two forces empower those averages: First, they define Levels where profit- and loss-taking should ebb following strong price Movement. Second, their common recognition draws a crowd that Perpetrates a self-fulfilling event whenever price approaches.

3. Moving averages generate false signals during range-bound markets Because they’re trend-following indicators that measure upward or Downward momentum. They lose their power in any environment that Shows a slow rate of price change.

4. The characteristic of moving averages changes as they flatten and Roll over. The turn of an average toward horizontal signifies a loss of Momentum for that time frame. This increase the odds that price will Cross the average with relative ease. When a set of averages flat line And draw close to one another, price often swivels back and forth Across the axis in a noisy pattern.

5. Moving averages emit continuous signals because they’re plotted Right on top of price. Their relative correlation with price development Changes with each bar. They also exhibit active convergence divergence Relationships with all other forms of support and resistance.

6. Use exponential moving averages, or EMAs, for longer time frames But shift down to simple moving averages, or SMAs, for shorter ones.EMAs apply more weight to recent price change, while SMAs view each Data point equally.

7. Short-term SMAs let traders spy on other market participants. The Public uses simple moving average settings because they don’t Understand EMAs. Good intraday signals rely more on how the Competition thinks than the technicals of the moment.

8. Place five-, eight- and 13-bar SMAs on intraday charts to measure Short-term trend strength. In strong moves, the averages will line up And point in the same direction. But they flip over one at a time at highs And lows, until price finally surges through in the other direction.

9. Price location in relation to the 200-day moving average determines Long-term investor psychology. Bulls live above the 200-day moving Average, while bears live below it. Sellers eat up rallies below this line In the sand, while buyers come to the rescue above it.

10. When the 50-day moving average pierces the 200-day moving Average in either direction, it predicts a substantial shift in buying and Selling behavior. The 50-day moving average rising above the 200-day Moving average is called a Golden Cross, while the bearish piercing is Called a Death Cross.

11. It’s harder for price to break above a declining moving average than A rising moving average. Conversely, it’s harder for price to drop Through a rising moving average than a declining moving average.

12. Moving averages set to different time frames reveal trend velocity Through their relationships with each other. Measure this with a classic Moving Average-Convergence-Divergence (MACD) indicator, or apply Multiple averages to your charts and watch how they spread or contract Over different time.

13. Place a 60-day volume moving average across green and red Volume histograms in the lower chart pane to identify when specific Sessions draw unexpected interest. The slope of the average also Identifies hidden buying and selling pressure.

14. Don’t use long-term moving averages to make short-term Predictions because they force important data to lag current events. A Trend may already be mature and nearing its end by the time a specific Moving average issues a buy or sell signal.

15. Support and resistance mechanics develop between moving
Averages as they flip and roll. Look for one average to bounce on the Other average, rather than break through it immediately. After a Crossover finally takes place, that level becomes support or resistance For future price movement

13 Apr 2016

BankNifty Future Last Close : 15936
Banknifty Future looks good & favored for bulls
Can buy at decline & consider supports 15900 & 15820 levels
Buy at every dip………… Don’t think on shorts!!!
BNF Finding resistance 16050 & 16170 levels………
There after will move 16300+…………
NIFTY  FUTURE Last Close : 7732.80
Yesterday Nifty Future was very Range bound & Low volume
But as i said.... Decline to buy
NF made a low of 7685.40 and high of 7738……… Closes at 7732.80
FII’s net buy 116 crore in Index Future and net buy 307 crore in cash segment  
While updating SGX Nifty were trading at 7795 up almost 60 points!!
Today’s Nifty Future consider Resistance 7765 & 7795 levels
NF Major hurdle around 7795-7820 levels, If stays above the level I expect more Rally & will show strong strength!!
Today’s Supports 7740 & 7720
Decline to buy……….. Nothing else for me !!

12 Apr 2016

Banknifty Future Last Close : 15896
Banknifty Future now favored for Bulls……….. Yes Bounced from lower levels
Now facing Resistance 15950 & 16050……….. There after will move 16175
Today’s Supports 15800 & 15750………..
Decline to buy……………
NIFTY  FUTURE Last Close : 7702.10
Today’s Nifty Future facing Resistance 7725 & 7755
If stays above 7755……Finding next Resistance around 7810+
Nifty Future consider supports 7675 & 7650
Favored for Bulls…can buy at decline…Closely eye on support levels
If stays below 7650……….. Stay caution!!!

11 Apr 2016

Banknifty Future last close : 15652
Today’s BNF facing Resistance 15700-15750 levels
If crossover 15750 with volumes then will move 15850 levels…….
But higher level stay caution & Don’t jump and buy!!!
Today’s Supports 15550-15600
Below 15550……….. Expected more weakness on the card!!
NIFTY  FUTURE Last Close : 7578.10
This Week ( Only Three Sessions ) Trend Decider 7485 & 7655
While updating SGX were trading at 7560 and Down 20 points....
Nifty Future is expected to Open flattish note and likely to witness again Range bound
But NF consider Resistance around 7595 – 7610 levels
If comes higher level, we can do fresh shorts!!
Today’s Supports @ 7560 & 7540
Once if breaks 7540 and trade below this level……….. then next supports 7510!!
As per Gann levels
Last week Nifty found resistance exactly in the zone of 7780-7790 and from there one way down.
We will be having only 3 trading days this week with 12th April as a strong pressure date.
7625-7650 would act as a strong resistance zone. And 7460-7435 would act as a strong support zone.
A close below 7425 may take Nifty towards 7305.
Major resistance levels are 7580-90, 7630-60, 7715, 7780-90, 7803-20, 7891, 7980, 8070.
Major support levels are 7460-35, 7367, 7302, 7281, 7142, 7196, 7111, 7027.
* All levels are of Spot.

8 April 2016

NIFTY  FUTURE Last Close : 7565
Today’s Nifty Future consider Resistance 7585 & 7610 levels
Above levels are Today’s hurdle…If crossover 7610 with volumes then will show some Power!!
But for me……………Every Rise Sell Sell and Sell……….. Nothing else!!
Today’s Supports 7540 & 7520
Below 7520 and stays below the level…………. Finding next support @ 7465!!
Banknifty Future Last close : 15591
Today’s BNF consider Resistance 15670-15750 levels
Supply zone above levels…………or if rise sell!!
Today’s Supports 15500 & 15430
Below 15430………… More panic on the card!!

5 Apr 2016

NIFTY  FUTURE Last Close : 7790
Yesterday Nifty Future traded very range bound
NF made a high of  7809.90 (flashed), low of 7737 then closes at 7790
U know Yesterday my support and resistance………..??
I said Resistance at 7790 & Support at 7730……….
FII’s net buy 97 crore in index future and net buy 236 crore in cash segment  
High volatile day ahead of RBI Policy
After RBI Policy………… What will happen ??
If Cut 25 bps……….Small bounce back then Sharp Panic like heavey selling will be expected
If Cut 50 bps………. Bounce back will be expected but end of day will start selling pressure
If Unchanged…………… Heavy selling like Blood will be expected
Today’s Nifty Future consider Resistance 7800-7830
Above levels are very hurdle for Today’s trade………. U know this week trend decider level 7830
If breaks & stays above 7830…………. Will check 7870 & 7900
But stay caution at higher levels!!! Don’t jump and buy!!!!
Today’s Supports 7740 & 7705
After Policy if stays below 7705……………next supports 7660 & 7630

Banknifty Future last close : 16257
Huge Volatile Day……….. Take care!!
Traders closely watch below levels…………
After Policy BNF if sustains above 16330…………. We see blast up-to 16420 & 16550+
Suppose after Policy if stays below 16100………… We see huge panic selling
Down side supports around 15800 & 15550 levels
Better to trade after policy……… like clear trends!!

4 April 2016

Above is Banknifty Spot One Year Daily chart
Banknifty spot facing Resistance 16300……… If breaks & close above the level
Finding next Resistance around 16670 & 17000
Banknifty Spot consider support 16060 & 16020
If breaks 16020 and closes below the level
Favor for bears…………. finding next supports 15750 & 15520 levels
So closely eye on 16300 & 16020 levels

Above is Nifty Spot last Six months intraday chart
Chart shown, Nifty spot facing strong Hurdle & Crucial Resistance 7800-7830 levels
Suppose if breaks 7830 and closes above the level
Finding next Resistance 7970 & 8030.
Nifty Spot consider support around 7660
If breaks 7660 and close below the level………..
Panic & Profit Booking will be expected up-to 7570 & 7470 levels!!
So…….. Traders closely eye on 7830 & 7660