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Hindpetro 28/05/2017

After strong earnings report,
stock rose vertical up & hit 12%
Now……… Six Month's trend line resistance
& Double Top is at 583
Stock if breaks 583 even for once
and closes above this level……….
then will find next resistance at around 650 shortly!!
Supports are at 555, 540 and 525

Nifty Update 28/05/2017

Nifty Future has closed at very strong and new high
Bulls have an upper hand till now…….
Nifty Future rally will be continued, I think so...
Facing Resistance 9640, 9690 & 9775
Nifty Future is considering supports at 9515, 9450 and 9375
For every decline, I will look to go long……
Don’t think shorts at lower levels