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01 Aug 2017

Today Nifty Future is expected to open flattish note
Likely to witness up move from support levels!!
Today Nifty Future is facing resistance 10125 & 10145
Once if breaks 10145 and holds above the level……. 
Rally will be expected up to 10190
Today Nifty Future is consider supports 10080 – 10060
Below 10060 finding next support around 10030
Decline to go long with stop of supports!!
SBIN looks very hot above 305
Decline to go long…….
Rally will be expected up to 315 & 322
Still I will use Macd to decide trade
SRTRANSFIN has strong bounce back 
ahead of good earnings!!
Decline to go long………
Expected rally 1035-1050
Consider supports 1005 & 990
LUPIN has closes below recent low
Favor for bears……. can go shorts around 1035-1040
Down side supports 1010 & 995
Resistance at 1050
MOTHERSUMI near by breakout level
Breakout @ 329……. 
Stock once if breaks and holds above the level
Rally will be expected up to 334 & 337+

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