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FataFat Intraday Scanner

  • This is the Version 2.2 of The FataFat Stock Screener.
  • The First version of The Free FataFat Stock Screener was released in May 2016. Many new features have been updated to the screener since then.
  • This spreadsheet design is simple and logical, at the same time very productive for day-trading, if used correctly.
  • This FataFat Screener works on the Google Sheet Framework and is automatically updated every minute.
  • The Daily Scan Page is updated with today's OHLC data at 10pm and this scanner becomes ready for next days market analysis.
  • The Screening is done only during 9:12am to 4pm weekdays and all data on this Screener becomes irrelevant after market hours.
  • This is NOT a Trade Signal Generator. These Tools are ONLY useful if you have a trading strategy of your own.
  • Please use this google sheet on your own discretion and at your own risk.
  • No Compensation offered for any financial loss or emotional stress that you might incur from using these Trading tools..
  • Trading involves financial risk and is one of the easiest way to loose your money. Use these tools only after you have read and understood the risks involved.
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